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This tree list largely contains what we grow in East Yorkshire. There are a few other unusual things we have in very limited numbers.   If the tree you would like is not listed, please ask as we may be able to source it. Prices listed are for bare-rooted trees approximately 6-7 ft or 180-210cm tall depending on the species, unless otherwise indicated. Some species are also available in 8-10ft size, from mid-November to late March. For bare-rooted trees, please give the Nursery at least 48 hours notice to allow us time to lift the trees from our fields, which cover about 30 acres. Trees are lifted only on weekdays. Many of the trees listed are also available in larger bare-rooted sizes but not in large quantities so please ask about their availability. In the field we also have large specimen trees, which can be root-balled on request during the winter months. If you are interested in these bigger sizes, you will need to make an appointment, with Andrew, to view them in the field. Andrew is usually available Monday-Friday and sometimes on a Saturday. Larger trees of some species are available in pots. Prices do vary depending on the variety and the size of the tree.

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